There's a right way and there's an easy way. With us, they're one and the same.

With mortgage clients so few and far between, you’ll want to make the most of each opportunity that comes your way. Cross-selling household insurance via The Source is a simple and easy way to build a substantial income stream in no time at all.

The average quote using our software is completed in only 5 minutes and, with a flexible commission level up to 27.5%, you’ll soon start to see an increase in your monthly revenue.

Even if cross-selling home insurance isn’t your priority, you can still enjoy the benefits. Using our simple client referral system you can forward us your clients’ name and contact number in seconds and we’ll do all the work for you. We’ll even send you 15% commission on every successful case year after year, for the life of the policy.

Sum Insured or Bedroom-rated?

If you have an accurate rebuild cost for your client’s home and a reasonably accurate value for their contents, you can quote on a Sum Insured basis. If not, just tell us how many bedrooms they have and leave the sum insured as zero. Our notional (or “bedroom-rated”) policies offer very generous limits of cover, meaning it’s very unlikely that they will end up being underinsured.

Referral-free Non-standard Household Insurance

We try and make things as simple as possible, and referral-free Non-standard from SquarePeg is just another way we’ve improved our Household Insurance product, whilst still keeping it quick and simple. Put your client’s details though as usual and we’ll do the hard work behind the scenes.

Protect clients with:

  • Non-standard construction (E.g. flat roof, listed buildings)
  • Poor claims history
  • Business use
  • Holiday and weekend homes only
  • High-priced valuables (Contents cover)

It’s easy to compare policies on more than just price, and with our automatic compliance support, it’s easy to help your clients make the right choice.

Complete your clients policy with Home Emergency Cover

We all hope for the best but sometimes it pays to prepare for the worst, and when it comes to home emergencies such as burst pipes, heating failure or broken locks.

Often, the call out bill to fix these problems can be an even nastier surprise than the emergency itself which is why The Source has introduced a Home Emergency Cover option. Cover your clients against call out charges, repair bills or material costs when they fall foul of the unexpected.

Home Emergency Covers:

  • Water supply system failure (including blocked toilets and external drains within the boundaries of the property)
  • Electricity failure
  • Gas leak
  • Primary heating failure or breakdown
  • Failure of, or damage to, external door & window locks
  • Pest infestation (wasp/hornet’s nests, house/field mice, cockroaches and rats)
  • and more…

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