How we’ve adapted to life in lockdown 2020

This year has been tough for many of us, with the various lockdowns and the concerns for the vulnerable. At Source, we knew that we needed to make the transition to home working as smooth as possible, to prevent unnecessary disruption. During lockdown we quickly adapted to remote working and are still supporting most of our staff to work remotely. However, we’ve given our colleagues the option to return to the office on a rotation basis if they wish and it is safe for them to do so. Here are a few testimonials from people across the business about how they’ve adapted to working from home.

Shaun, Software Developer said;
At the start of the year, when it looked like working from home was going to be on the horizon, Source wasted no time and were early adopters to trialling WFH. The Infrastructure Team did a brilliant job and the stress tests were seamless and successful.
Ever since, I often feel like I’m still in the office with the team. Although rather than asking a question in-person, it’s now via Slack and regular Zoom calls are the norm. WFH has been a breeze for me and that’s all down to the planning and process that went into it at the start of the year.

Robbie, Broker Support Agent, still feels the ‘Source-ness’ at home;
We were very proactive in making sure colleagues could work from home by getting laptops ready for everyone who needed to work remotely.I found it very strange working from home at first but I love it now; I have my dog either sat on my lap or by my feet most of the day so she loves it too. I miss spending time with everyone but we’re making do with Zoom and FaceTime.
Bringing in so many new colleagues is a huge sign we are doing well and makes me proud of how well we are doing in a very difficult time.Keeping everyone up to date and included is very difficult but I think the team does a great job trying to keep the ‘Source-ness’ going. Zoom calls, meetings and bingo all help.

Emma, Graphic Designer, said;
For a “people person”, the thought of working from home and being isolated is the fabric of nightmares. Little did I know, the experience of WFH would in fact be the complete opposite! The way that Source has adapted to home working has been extraordinary. From the initial logistical home set-up managed by the Infrastructure Team, the tireless work of our service teams, and our digital quarterly briefings lead by our inspiring Director Team, it has been a positive and eye-opening experience.

Lisa, from Marketing, joined Source during the lockdown;
I joined Source in July this year. My equipment was couriered to me in the week before my start date, along with instructions of how to set it all up. I spent my first few weeks in Zoom meetings with the Learning and Development team, “meet-and-greet” sessions with people from each department and getting to know my team mates. You don’t realise how important it is to have time in the office, making a coffee and chatting to people in the breakroom, until you aren’t allowed to. It was really nice to have time set aside to meet people and learn about what each department does, first hand. I think it’s because of the great on-boarding process, that I feel I’ve settled in so well, so quickly!

Dave, Head of Learning and Development;
Working from home has had its benefits, I’ve become accustomed to a lie in and no commute means no train delays! That said, I have missed seeing my colleagues and completing ‘in person’ training and not getting to use my flip charts! We have successfully transferred our induction and classroom based training programmes for colleagues and brokers to Zoom and are developing a suite of eLearning modules to further enhance our remote learning options. Source have been amazing throughout the pandemic, keeping us all informed and safe, whilst offering flexibility and support for colleagues who may be finding it difficult.

Phil, Head of HR and Compliance said;
Working from home took a bit of getting used to at first. At Source, we’re used to so much day to day interaction with our colleagues that seeing everybody through screens initially seemed like something more suited to a sci-fi film. But, we’re nothing if not adaptable at Source, and now it all seems like second nature.
I’d been in Northern Italy the weekend that they started locking down towns and I was asked to work from home for two weeks when I returned. So I had some early practise for working from home. By the time the UK went into lockdown a few weeks later, it was easy to fall back into my routine.
Source is a very supportive company, and not everybody took to working from home as well as others. As the pandemic unfolded, the company offered more flexibility to different people who needed to work in many different ways – which included helping people get broadband into their home for the very first time!
At the beginning, we had lots of really positive feedback from customers who were surprised we were open. We made sure we took more time just to talk to people if we felt they needed it. Now this is just what we do – we carry on delivering the same high level of service we always have. Even if, these days, we do it in our pyjamas!

Sian, Project and Product Manager, has really enjoyed working from home;
As a parent of a child with additional needs, working from home has been a very positive experience for me. The constant juggle between working from the office and being home for my ‘school refuser’ was taken away. Having a child who struggles to attend school can be very unpredictable. I often felt like I’d done a full day’s work before getting to the office, or would really struggle to get to the office at all. Having the pressure to work from the office lifted has brought a sense of calm to my home and in turn, I feel more productive. My son’s anxiety has been dissipated and I no longer feel like I’m about to drop my juggling balls all the time. I feel very lucky to work for a company that has been able to transition and support its staff so seamlessly.

At Source, we hope to be able to work together in person in the near future, but we’re proud to say that we’ve adapted to life in lockdown and will continue to thrive whilst working from home, for as long as we need to.

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