Isolation and Communication

In a time of social distancing and isolation, it has never been more important to enhance your communication links and connect with people – virtually of course.

Our news reports are full of people talking into laptops and isolated individuals being contacted via posted cards and text messages.  As humans, we need community and each other to survive and thrive.   Business is just an extension of this.

Here are some suggestions from our communication and sales team here at Source, that will help you reach out and keep the connection with your clients strong:

  • Social Media – if you have an account for your business, make sure you are posting regularly and offering your clients your help during this time. Re-circulate interesting articles, photos, graphics that you see on social media, that could be useful to your clients. If you haven’t got business social media accounts, now is a great time to set them up and start building your followers!


  • Website – Your website is your shop window, and it needs to be updated regularly. Make sure your links are up to date and add new content.


  • Your little back book – take this time to check key client details, last contact dates and to create contact lists, so you can quickly send them information that would be personally useful to them. Use your GI platform to check your saved customer database (check out ‘Your Place’ located in the top right corner of Source Insurance website).


  • Video communication – there has been a lot posted on video tech and its benefits. At Source we use Zoom for video meetings – it is a great way to carry on team meetings from different locations and have face to face meetings with clients (It’s also free)


  • Instant messaging – sometimes emails aren’t quick enough and all you need is an instant conversation. Set up a company WhatsApp/ slack group to help you have those quick chats and keep the desk chats flowing, even when you’re in different locations.  Utilised properly, these systems will save you time and effort and prevent you from being glued to your email inbox.


  • Client emails – now is the time to reach out and re-engage as we’ve mentioned, but so will every other business! You need to cut through the noise and make your message stand out. Here is a great tool that allows you to record video messages and add them to your email: Vidyard. You might want to just say hi, remind them of an upcoming renewal date or possibly send out a presentation, this tool makes it quick, easy and professional.