Let Property Portfolios

Keep all your clients’s rental
properties under one roof


Save your landlord clients from a multitude of renewal dates and multiple monthly payments with one easy to manage portfolio.

By consolidating your client’s investment properties under one policy means that you can maximise your potential business and minimise the paperwork.

We make it easy to set up multiple properties under a single portfolio policy and only quote from top quality insurers that offer a range of benefits and features to fill even the most nervous landlord with confidence.

We’ll even take care of all of the administration details, including future renewals, amendments, or adding new properties. So you can just sit back and let the commission roll in. Alternatively if you prefer to remain hands on, we can do everything with you.

Keep it simple and get your quote today.

Email us commercial@thesource.co.uk
Phone 02921 677140
Lines open Monday - Friday 9am - 5:00pm


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