Protecting your client’s treasured home and belongings

 Household insurance

Regardless of your client’s experience as a homeowner, their most prized possession will always be just that, the home. It’s vital that the right protection is in place to fully protect the investment, and that attention is drawn to the perils of being underinsured. Household insurance is an ‘umbrella’ term which covers two types of Insurance, buildings and contents insurance.

When it comes to mortgages, its vital to make the most out of every cross-selling opportunity that comes your way. Introducing household insurance to your clients early on in the process may bring significant returns for you and your business in the long-run.


Buildings insurance, often a condition of mortgage acceptance, covers the external structure of the property and relates to the bricks and mortar of the building. If the property were to be damaged by a disaster such as a flood or fire, this type of policy would cover the rebuilding costs, costs of demolition, site clearance and architects’ fees. Buildings insurance also protects fixtures and fittings throughout the home.


It’s no surprise that when all items within a home are added up, their total worth would be rather significant. Contents insurance is a particularly useful type of cover that protects those items your client has collected over the years, including but not limited to sofas, beds, televisions and sound systems. Contents Insurance usually covers water leakages, storms, flooding, fires, explosions, lightning, and earthquakes.

Referral-free Non-Standard Cover

As the need for non-standard insurance becomes more prevalent every day, there are still a number of GI providers who fail to offer a tailored insurance solution required for clients with high risk properties and circumstances.  At Source we’re pleased to offer a true whole-of-market products, enabling brokers to retrieve an estimated online quote online.

Example risks include

  • Flat roof properties
  • Unoccupied properties
  • Previous subsidence
  • Properties undergoing renovation
  • Homeworking
  • Previous CCJs and IVAs
  • Previous claims history

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 What’s in it for your clients?

  • Legal cover included as standard.
  • £5,000 trace and access cover included as standard.
  • Access to non-standard cover not so readily available elsewhere (see product info).
  • Immediate confirmation of cover.
  • Ability to quote up to £1,500,000 buildings sum insured and £150,000 contents sum insured.
  • Online storage of policy documents, allowing 24/7 access (optional).

 What’s in it for you?

  • Additional cross-selling opportunity.
  • Trail commission for the life of all policies (flexible commission between 0-27.5%).
  • Simplified quotation process via The Source platform.
  • Source Rewards loyalty scheme points for every new and renewed case.
  • Proactive management of renewals through varied methods of communication.

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Complete a policy with Home Emergency Cover

We all hope for the best but sometimes it pays to prepare for the worst.

There are various emergency scenarios that can crawl out of the woodwork and cause damning, unfortunate and frustrating consequences for homeowners. Among the more common suspects are burst pipes, heating failure and broken locks.

Often, call-out bills to fix these problems can be an even nastier surprise than the emergency itself which is why Source’s Home Emergency Cover option is a suitable add-on to any household policy. It covers your clients against call out charges, repair bills or material costs when they fall foul of the unexpected.

Home emergency covers:

  • Water supply system failure (including blocked toilets and external drains within the boundaries of the property)
  • Electricity failure
  • Gas leaks
  • Primary heating failure or breakdown
  • Failure of, or damage to, external door & window locks
  • Pest infestation (wasp/hornet’s nests, house/field mice, cockroaches and rats)
  • and more…

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 Flexible Commission

Our PremiumFlex functionality enables you to determine how much commission you take from a policy. Flex your commission from 0% – 27.5% on any household case submitted via The Source to appropriately position the pricing and fend off the competition.

 Our commitment to you

At Source, we also promise that your commission is exactly that. Yours. The Source Commission Guarantee is our promise to pay your trail commission at the same level year after year after year which means an income stream that will not retire, even if you do.

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