Maximise your potential income with our fast and simple online quotation system. We make it easy for you to cross-sell general insurance and stay in control of your client's mortgage completion date with instant confirmation of cover (including policy number). You can even save your household quote for up to 90 days. Source Online provides an instant quote from our panel of the UK's leading providers for Home Insurance, Let Property, Lifestyle and Commercial Insurance with these key factors in mind:
  • Keep quote CONVERSION rates high with COMPETITIVE PRICES
  • Make it quick and easy to COMPARE both price and policy cover
  • Pay the same COMMISSION year after year – regardless of how often business is submitted


We only offer quality policies from top brand names that your customers will know and trust, and who offer the best in cover and claims handling. When using Source Online, you choose from a wide range of market-leading insurers, you choose the excess, the extras, you can even choose the commission level*, and with these tools we’ll help you find the best quote for your client (not just the cheapest).


No single insurer can always be most competitive. At any one time, even the most competitive insurer on our panel still only takes 30% of our business, and as rates vary significantly from one postcode to the next, our wide panel improves the chances that at least one of our providers will quote favourably in your area. Our average home insurance premiums are very competitive, but if your postcode area suffers higher than average premiums due to claims etc, then you can take control of insurer pricing on a case-by-case basis by using our Flexible Commission tool. This lets you compete directly with price comparison sites for each and every client.


Maximise your total commission not just your commission rate... Conversion is the key! In the current market, it's easy to be attracted by the highest headline commission rate. But take a look at the bigger picture - A higher commission rate means a higher price, and at a higher price fewer customers will buy. So are you really getting a higher total income? Both the built in competition between our panel of insurers and the ability to discount lets you convert more clients into cases and increase your overall income by finding a great deal for your client.


Price is not the only factor in maximising conversion. Comparing price without comparing quality of cover is meaningless. With The Source, it’s easy to offer clients a fully informed choice with our simple and unique side-by-side comparison chart. The system automatically organises all available policies with the most competitive at the top, making it easier for you to identify what features work best for each of your clients.


At The Source, we believe that your commission is just that – your commission. Commission rates vary by product and submission method, but once on cover, we continue to pay renewal commission at the level that prevailed at new business for as long as each policy is live, regardless of how little new business you may have submitted over any given period. WE GUARANTEE TRAIL COMMISSION even after you retire or choose to leave the industry. The Source - Committed to helping you make the most of your insurance opportunities. Treating Customers Fairly and brokers too. *Flexible Commission is currently only available with Home Insurance


At The Source, we believe that your commission is just that – your commission. We pay Trail commission for as long as each policy is live, regardless of whether it was submitted direct or via referral, and keep paying even after you retire or choose to leave the industry. No matter how much business you submit, or how often.
The Source offers a competitive rate for each product on our system.
Introducer Source Online
Household 15% 0-27.5% Flexible
Lifestyle 15% 0-27.5% Flexible
Let Property 15% 20%
Commercial 12.5%
Let Property Portfolio 12.5%
High Net Worth 12.5%

Home Insurance

We offer you the opportunity to flex your commission from 0% - 27.5% on any household case submitted via Source Online and will pay your trail commission at that same level year after year after year.

Lifestyle Insurance

Be it an Accident and Sickness policy or Unemployment Only, you can choose to flex your commission up to 27.5% on the quote results page.

Let Property Insurance

We pay a minimum of 20% commission on each Let Property case submitted. However, if you submit an average of 6 or more cases a month, we will automatically up your commission level to 22.5%.

Commercial Insurance

When you refer Commercial business through Source Online, not only will we do all the compliance work for you, but we’ll also send you 12.5% commission on every successful case.

High Net Worth

If your client is lucky enough to fall into the High Net Worth category, then you'll earn 12.5% commission on each successful case submitted.


We'll pay you 15% commission for every Household, Let Property or ASU case that you introduce to The Source, and 12.5% on all Commercial products. Just send us your client’s name and number, sit back and let the commission roll in.
With flexible Commission, you can opt to tailor your commission level from 0 – 27.5% on any household case to match your client’s target premium and win the business. On the results screen, you'll see the Flexible Commission slider next to the details of the quote selected (just below the initial comparison). To suit each quote to each client, simply drag the indicator across the slider and see the price change, instantly. The first price you see is your Default Commission Level. You can change this in Broker Area by clicking 'Change your default commission setting in Source Online' and resetting your minimum, maximum and default settings via the dropdown boxes provided. Flex your commission and keep your pricing one step ahead of the competition.

Introducing Flex Commission on Lifestyle Insurance

Broker feedback told us you wanted the ability to flex commission on a case by case basis. As a result, we’re introducing our flexible commission feature on Lifestyle Insurance too. Complementing the new commission flex is the enhanced ability to now take up to 27.5% commission per case. This is something that is not offered by other providers, making Source the smart choice for securing future income. Offering this product to your client off the back of their household insurance quote from Source can double GI income.

At The Source, we believe that your commission is just that – your commission, which is why we pay you Trail Commission at the same level, for as long as your client's policy is live, even after you retire or choose to leave the industry - No matter how much business you submit, or how often.

We also offer you the opportunity to flex your commission from 0% - 27.5% on any household case submitted via Source Online. Even Trail Commission on Flex is paid at the same level it was submitted, year after year.


If a client contacts The Source to cancel their policy, we will always do our best to save the business and even offer a new quote. If that quote is accepted by the client, we assign the case to your Broker Account and pay you the commission for the full life of the new policy at the same rate it was originally submitted. After all, your commission is your commission.


We work hard to make compliance as simple as possible.

As you quote, our intelligent software automatically creates a compliance document for each of your clients, which is then stored online in a secure extranet - Your Place - for ease and simplicity.

Our software even allows you to e-mail the documents directly to your client and their solicitor.

Every day, our system automatically creates and stores FCA compliant documents for hundreds of clients across the UK. You can access details of all submitted cases (including all renewal documents).

Your client can also choose to access their policy documents via our new Policyholder Extranet - eDocs.

Documents can be downloaded or immediately and automatically stored in a secure online facility with 24/7 access and the option to print if needed.

Compliance made simple with The Source.

Quote Step by Step

We've designed Source Online to be fast, easy and simple, but in the extremely unlikely event that you have trouble using our system, we've created this helpful 'How To' guide.
Step 1 - Getting Started
The new Source GI Platform has been designed using broker feedback and as such it's our most comprehensive ever. Built using our exclusive Advanced Quote Technology, you can now quote for a greater number of risks (up to 95%) without any need for referrals. Plus with a host of new features from a QuickQuote facility, LivePremium and PremiumFlex, you now have more control and visibility of the premium as you quote.

To access the platform top in go.thesource.co.uk where you will be greeted with the screen above. Once logged in you are greeting with a dashboard view and a navigation bar on the left hand side. here you will find all the links you need to quote, view clients, commission data and more.

Remember, you can also contact our friendly and efficient staff on 02920 265 265, 8:30am - 6:00pm, Monday to Friday with any questions or queries you may have.

Step 2 - Quoting

Select the product type you wish to quote for from the navigation bar and we'll take directly into the QuickQuote feature. The first page captures some key details about your client in order to provide an estimated final premium. Simply complete the first page and click the generate button at the bottom of the page to see the annual and monthly estimated premium.

Navigation is really easy. You can make your way through the question set in one go or jump to a certain page of your choice. Well tell if you have missed anything before we take you to the quote results. You will notice a quote summary section on the right hand side. this gives you the high level information of the client you are quoting for. At any stage of the quote you can also use our LivePremium feature just below that section to check on how the estimate final premiums are looking.

We will save the data you have inputted at the end of each completed page, however you can save wherever your are by using the save button on the right hand side. You also have the feature to name your saved quote so you can easily pick up where you left off.

Step 3 - Results

The Source platform is firmly based on the principle of offering your clients the choice of tailored cover at competitive premiums. Via our panels of top blue-chip insurers you can provide your client with peace of mind that their situation is correctly insured.

Our newly relaunched results screen is designed to allow you easily compare and identify the right policy for your client. If you entered a value in the sums insured box or used our BCIS tool we'll then return the cheapest policies from a selection of sums insured and bedroom rated.

At the top of the results page you will see our PremiumFlex. This tool will help you to price match your clients best price by flexing the amount of commission you wish to take on the policy. We also allow you to see the £ amount of commission you could earn on each of the return policies.

Click the 'Cover Details','Excess Summary' and 'Important Info' links found on each result gives you a comprehensive breakdown of the policy on offer. Plus you can also see our unique 'Apple Rating' score, The higher the score the more comprehensive the product. For full Apple Rating info, please see the dedicated section on the navigation tab.

It’s easy to compare policies in detail on more than just price (a critical aspect of TCF).Select and shortlist up to three quotes and equate them using our simple side-by-side comparison chart to see which best fits the clients’ needs.

Step 4 - Compliance

Our side-by-side comparison tool doesn't only appear on screen, it also appears in the Quotation Summary and Compliance Pack too.

When you select the quote that's best for your client and submit it, you not only get immediate confirmation of cover, but the compliance documents that the system has automatically created for you are also stored on our extranet - "My Account" for easy future reference or FCA audit.

It really is that simple!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and efficient staff on 02920 265 265, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 6:00pm.

Need help from our service team?

Email us help@thesource.co.uk
Phone 02920 265 265
Lines open Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm


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