Boost your GI with Source

Our hugely popular masterclasses are back, offering you a chance to boost your GI business. We offer 100% intermediary focussed updates directed to businesses of every size. Whether you’re an experienced broker or completely new to the industry, our masterclasses have up to date content relating to GI, the Source platform, and compliance updates, meaning everyone will benefit. Each event covers essential topics to help you grow your business and develop your GI skills. Build up your network over a breakfast bap whilst earning CPD hours, a morning out of the office has never been more worth it.


What can I expect?

  • Why GI? And Market conditions and overview
  • Common policy Vs whole of market cover
  • Mortgage Brain presentation
  • IDD compliance update
  • Pricing Analysis and Tips and Tricks
  • Q&A session
  • Earn CPD  and rewards points


How do our masterclasses work?

Our masterclasses are taken by the local BDM of your region, they run from 930am until 1230am including 5-6 presentations, a break and a questions and answer session. The masterclasses provide you with the platform to ask your burning questions directly to the BDM, giving you support and guidance through your journey with GI.



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