UK Renovations

Due to the UK lockdown restrictions, people were forced to spend more time indoors, which meant that we all had more time to reconsider our living situations. Whilst some people decided it was time to move house, many of us have chosen to create their perfect property and renovate our own homes. According to research published by, UK homeowners have spent £55bn on home renovations during lockdown.  

Renovations and home improvements during lockdown have become known as “lockdown property glow-ups” and you can see the various ways that the British public have gotten creative, via social media. 

Some of the trends include adapting rooms and spaces into offices and workout areas. Others have taken to landscaping their gardens and adding luxury features such as hot tubs and summer houses.

Some of our favourites include;

Adapting rooms into office spaces
Combining a playroom with a classroom
Adding vegetable patches to gardens
Our personal favourite… the addition of a home bar

We’d love to see your home renovations and find out what your favourite home inspiration social media accounts are. Our social media links are below. Follow us and keep in touch.

If you’ve made any changes to your home, it may be worth getting an updated valuation, to see if your property is now worth more. If so, consider amending your home insurance policy, to cover what’s important to you.

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