We’ve sharpened our GI rates

We’re happy to announce that further premium reductions have been introduced on multiple products to assist brokers in an increasingly competitive market. This has been achieved whilst maintaining the quality and whole of market range of policies, enabling intermediaries to tailor product recommendations to a client’s bespoke needs.

Recent pricing analysis is showning that the sharpening of our overall rates has led to a significant increase in competitiveness, without impacting on policy quality.

Our unrivaled risk acceptance footprint, allows up to 95% risks to be covered online and without referrals. Brokers can be assured of a hassle-free and streamlined way of securing more GI opportunities. This naturally promotes greater initial return and long-term income stream from GI.

Having one of the largest automatic footprints of acceptance, you can ensure your clients are correctly covered whilst still getting a great deal. Source has always placed a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and value for money.

In January 2017, a brand new range of integration options was launched. This enables intermediaries to secure a new method of generating income from GI, without the increased workload or demand on time and resources.

Everyone from a one person setup to a large, multi-broker, business can now have their very own client facing price comparison website for free!. You can significantly increase your client base by offering your clients the functionality able to quote for their own GI needs directly. All this is achieved while you still receive the full commission. For more information on this unique offering, visit http://integratewith.thesource.co.uk

Brian Coulton (Head of Sales) commented:

Source continually works to make the lives of intermediaries easier when transacting business, whilst maintaining the high level of quality Source has become synonymous for.

We are delighted to be able to announce we have sharpened our rates further allowing your clients an even better deal for their money.

Lee Denton (Senior BDM) added: 

Source continue to make great strides and it’s great to hear the positive feedback in the marketplace about our service and pricing. This, coupled with our integration technology, is really hitting the mark with intermediaries who are looking to increase their GI penetration.