Our complaints procedure , taking you through the right steps.

At Source Insurance we pride ourselves on exemplary customer service. On rare occasions, however, things may go wrong.

We will always try to do our utmost to ensure that any customer of Source insurance is a satisfied customer.

We believe that in order to deliver such a high level of customer service, we must be able to deal with every single complaint in an efficient and fair manner. We treat every complainant as a valued individual and we treat every complaint as an important piece of feedback on how we are doing.

In accordance with the guidelines laid out by the FCA in their dispute resolution handbook, we keep a record of every complaint. We regularly review the information about complaints in order to improve the service that we deliver to you.

We hope that you are always pleased with the service you receive from Source Insurance, but if there is anything which leads you to be dissatisfied, please do not hesitate to let us know by following the procedure below.

Can I Complain?

Everybody is entitled to complain, whether it be about Source Insurance and our services or the supplier who provides the policy. Complaints that are not directly related to Source Insurance and its services may not be dealt with by us.

If the complaint concerns a policy that was purchased through Source Insurance but the substance of the complaint is concerning the supplier of the policy, we will be happy to pass your complaint on to the supplier for you. The supplier will then deal with your complaint according to their published complaint procedure.

If the complaint directly relates to Source Insurance, we will deal with your complaint using the procedure outlined below.

How Do I Complain?

You can let us know of any dissatisfaction either by letter, by phone or by email.

If you phone us, any of our staff will be able to take details of your complaint in order for us to quickly find a mutually agreeable resolution.

Contact details for making a complaint:

Contact us by telephone: 02920 265 214
Contact us by email: complaints@sourceinsurance.co.uk

If you wish to complain by letter, please address it to:

The Complaints Department
Source Insurance, Global Reach, 2nd Floor, Wing A, Global Reach, Dunleavy Dr, Cardiff CF11 0SN

What Information Should I include in my complaint?

When you make your complaint, we would find it helpful if you could include as much pertinent information as possible, including any relevant policy number(s) or broker number(s). If you have the information available, specific dates and times will help us to establish why things went wrong more efficiently.

Be sure to include your name and address, as well as a telephone number and/or email address if you would prefer to be contacted this way.

What Happens Next?

We will try to resolve any complaint as soon as we become aware of it.
If we cannot resolve the complaint to your satisfaction by the end of the next business day, we will begin a complete and thorough investigation. You will be sent a written acknowledgement of your complaint within five working days – this will include the name and the job title of the person who is handling your complaint.

Once the investigation is complete, which will be within eight weeks, we will send you a ‘final response’ which will include:

  • A summary of the complaint;
  • A summary of the outcome of the investigation;
  • Whether we acknowledge any fault on our part;
  • Details of any offer made to settle the complaint (if applicable);
  • How long any offer to settle the complaint will remain open (if applicable);
  • Details of what to do if you are unhappy with our final response.

We genuinely want your feedback

Your comments and suggestions are very valuable to us. If we get it wrong, tell us and we will endeavour to get it right for you next time.