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About Us

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“To provide an innovative software platform which provides regulated financial advisers with easy access to a range of general insurance products.”

Source Insurance has been supporting brokers with their General Insurance businesses for over 25 years. Since launching in 1993, Source has been committed to providing first class service and expert knowledge of the insurance industry.


Remaining true to the roots of our organisation’s core beliefs and values, whilst adapting to modern advancements, we’ve grown and changed over the years to evolve into the brand we are today.


Now, Source provides an easy to use quotation platform, offering whole of market insurance quotes that helps brokers remain FCA compliant.

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The people we choose to sponsor and charities we support reflect our core values and align with our vision. We take enormous pleasure supporting these worthy causes and achievements.


Cath Pendleton is our ice queen! Over the past few years, with Source Insurance as a sponsor, Cath has become the first Welsh woman to complete an ice mile. Cath has swum the English Channel (a childhood ambition), represented Team GB at the IISA World Championships and participated in the Arctic Cup in Murmansk, Russia. To train her body to withstand sub-zero temperatures, Cath has modified a freezer situated at the bottom of her garden in her ‘ice palace’, which she sits in for up to 15 minutes at a time!


Watch Cath’s amazing journey on the BBC1 documentary which aired in December 2020.

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