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What is a defaqto rating?

“With more than 25,000 financial products to choose from, making the right decision is harder than ever. 

Defaqto’s Star Ratings give you the confidence to choose the right financial products, at a glance, thanks to an unbiased assessment of quality you can trust. “

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Our 5-star rated defaqto products
Source Home

Source Home is the first common worded insurance product created in-house by the Source Insurance Team. This product has been carefully curated to provide quality risk coverage.


Our Source Home product is rated 5* by Defaqto.


Our commission guarantee
Year 1 £4,301
Year 2 £12,473
Year 3 £24,129
Year 4 £38,920
Year 5 £56,563
Build your commission year on year

Example: £340 Premium, 27.5% Commission, 90% Retention

You’ll earn competitive and flexible commission for the lifetime of each policy placed with Source.


For every year that your client renews with Source, you’ll continue to receive commission, even if you retire or leave the industry.


Set your default preferred commission percentage, between 0% and 27.5%, or use our sliding-scale to amend your commission rate at the end of each quote, to suit your client’s individual needs and budget.

The Underwriters


Prestige offers great risk coverage for non-standard perils.


LV=Broker use their IHP technology to calculate risks on a more granular level

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