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Our plans for 2023

What's coming up for 2023?

In order to continue meeting our customers’ expectations, we have designed and shaped new platforms dedicated to improving the insurance process. Alongside Source Go, we will release a new broker and customer portal throughout 2023 as part of our continued commitment to enhancing our customer and adviser experiences. Take a look at our plans below.

Refer. Submit. Go!

Quoting for home insurance can feel like a marathon. So, we’ve made it a sprint! 

Source Go revolutionises the way your clients can complete referred home insurance quotations, waving goodbye to inconveniently timed quote calls and welcoming a swish online system, where they can complete their own quote, in their own time.

At Source we take fair value seriously, designing Source Go to present your customers with low prices that will leave the competition standing.

Quick and hassle-free, Source Go gives you the confidence to refer – it’s the win-win contender.

Residential only. 

Buy to Let coming soon!

Getting Started

Step one: Register

Getting started is simple. First, you’ll need to sign up for a Source Go account. Remember to select ‘Introducer‘ under the FCA status question.

Step two: Refer

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be given your Source Go Broker ID.
Use your Source Go Broker ID to login. Once you’re in, you’ll be met by your dashboard, and you can begin your first referral!

Try a test run of our system
See our competitive prices for yourself!

To see the referral journey through the eyes of a client, simply fill out the form below with your own details to test the system out for yourself! You’ll receive an email to start the demo process using the details you have provided below. 

Please note whilst this simulates the experience for your customers, the policy would be void. Your data will not be permanently retained.

Benefits for you

Offer a full service without the hassle

As a trusted party with over 25 years of experience in the industry, we will provide your client with a quality insurance product and fantastic after sale care.

We’ll ring-fence your clients

At Source Insurance, we understand the importance of maintaining excellent relationships with your clients to future-proof your business. So, we won’t cross-sell the mortgage service you offer to your clients.

Regulatory responsibility removed

As an introducer, you won’t need to worry about the compliance surrounding GI. All you need to do is provide us with simple contact details for your client, and we will do the rest.

We’ll promote you

We will show your clients your company contact details whenever they log in to view their policy documents (eDocs clients only). It’s our way of reminding them of your services.

Committed to you and your clients

Happy customers are returning customers! Our commitment to fair and square pricing and quality products means your customers are more likely to stick around for good. 

We're shaking things up in 2023!

New Advised Route

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Our new advised route - coming soon!

Making home insurance quoting convenient for your customer

2023 will see the rollout of our exciting brand-new quote experience, where you can tailor your client’s journey to fit their needs. 


Development is underway for a brand new system that will allow you to work in tandem with your client on specific sections of their policy, giving them input into their home insurance with your advice and support.

New Broker Portal

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New Broker Portal

Manage your GI business like never before!

Based on feedback we have enhanced the functionality of our popular Your Place portal, delivering something even more suited to your business needs. 


Think exciting dashboards, fresh design, a new way to navigate. Coming soon!

New Customer Portal

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New Customer Portal

Simplifying self-service for your customers

Once the ideal insurance policy is found, the journey doesn’t end. Mid-term adjustments can be crucial as life changes and things update. Work is underway to create a system that allows customers to amend and edit their policies online, at the click of a button.


Giving clients a hands-on insurance experience allows them to self-serve whilst familiarising themselves with their policy. 

As part of this rollout we are innovating the way our customers will access and digest their insurance documentation. Our aim is to demystify insurance and make it accessible and understandable for all. 

Further product enhancements

We are continually enhancing and refining our proposition here at Source, and 2023 will be no exception. Throughout this year, we look to further strengthen our panel of top insurers and develop our product offering.