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Applicable Laws – Core Legislation, Consumer Insurance and Credit Laws Module

Core Legislation, Consumer Insurance & Credit Laws

A LearningLab eLearning CPD Regulations Module

This module is your final step towards completing our Applicable Laws pathway and provides an overview of crucial Employment, Health and Safety Laws.

After completing this module, we recommend continuing your development by moving on to our Principles of Insurance pathway.

Completion time: 15 mins
Format: eLearning module
CPD accredited: Yes

Module content

By completing this module, you will understand:

– The Fundamentals of Employment, Health and Safety Laws

– Awareness of the different Employment, Health and Safety Laws within the UK

– When these laws were introduced

Our next recommended pathway:
Principles of Insurance

Our Principles of Insurance pathway provides an overview of the core principles of insurance, including indemnity, contribution, subrogation, insurable interest and proximate cause. It also explores how the Consumer Insurance Act has changed the principle of utmost good faith.