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Earn CPD Minutes Easier Than Ever Before!

Earn CPD minutes easier than ever before!

Earn CPD Minutes Easier Than Ever Before!

When was the last time you sat down to earn your CPD minutes?

With Source’s new and improved LearningLab, you can hit those crucial CPD targets whilst expanding your knowledge.

LearningLab, Source’s centre of all things educational, has accumulated thousands of module completions since inception, proving advisers see LearningLab as a consistent, reliable source of CPD education.

Integrating flexibility into advisers’ learning, LearningLab should be your first choice for claiming those CPD minutes needed to continue your services. With several enhancements, LearningLab can help you hit your learning targets today.

Stress-free CPD

Broken down into manageable sizes, our micro-courses offer 15-minute methods of learning to allow advisers easy access to CPD minutes.

Our eBooks and fact sheets then act as perfect add-ons to these micro-courses, providing extra insight and a useful overview of our valuable micro-courses.

This all helps to provide you with a seamless experience of CPD learning as you improve your knowledge surrounding industry topics.

Utilising Structural and Unstructured Learning

One of the main changes we’ve made is to make your education more balanced. This expansion includes both structured and unstructured training to let advisers learn in the way that suits you best.

Our micro-courses provide a solid structure for advisers to follow, giving access to quick, efficient learning. Whereas our eBooks and fact sheets provide an unstructured approach for you to experience, learning in your own time at your own pace.

New Pathways and Topic Recommendations

To help improve the learning experience for our advisers, we’ve redesigned the order in which you complete micro-courses, enhancing the learning experience.

After completion of each module, we’ll suggest the next topic we think suits you best, ensuring your education is seamless and efficient.

All of our online learning modules are carefully mapped out in the optimum order, all laid out in up to four parts per micro-course.

What Are the Benefits of Smaller Learning Modules?

You may be wondering why we’ve broken down education into smaller segments. Simply, we’re doing it to make learning easier for you.

Flexibility in Your Education

Smaller modules allow you to fit learning into your busy schedules as a modern-day adviser. You can complete modules such as micro-courses during short breaks, commuting or after work, making learning more flexible and accessible.

Hitting More Hot Topics

Breaking down content into more manageable chunks lets you focus on a wider range of subjects. This targeted approach to learning ensures you complete smaller modules in quick succession, giving you more time to learn other topics.

Improved Retention

Our smaller modules ensure you can absorb the same amount of information as larger learning mediums without facing the same gigantic task. This helps you to retain more knowledge, splitting topics into manageable sections.

Increased Engagement

Maintaining interest is often difficult when learning, but micro-courses and other similar learning methods allow you to remain motivated throughout your CPD time. This encourages you to complete your CPD learning with a sense of accomplishment, ticking off more achievable milestones.

LearningLab is Yours to Use!

In the dynamic of modern digital learning, LearningLab has been crafted to meet the needs of advisers in need of CPD minutes. The busy life of the modern adviser requires flexibility, engagement, and versatility, which LearningLab offers in abundance.

Accompanying learning methods like webinars, eBooks and fact sheets enhance the library of micro-courses on offer, providing you with an in-depth, manageable experience.

All this amounts to one contemporary platform that facilitates your CPD learning in the smoothest, easiest way possible. This helps to meet the FCA’s CPD requirements.

To start accumulating your CPD minutes, visit our LearningLab today and experience comprehensive education. There’s plenty for you to learn!