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Sharing our strategy

Sharing our strategy

Sharing our strategy

At Source, we are future proofing our business by creating a strong and ambitious business strategy, with significant internal investment over the next few years. By investing in our people and technology we will be expanding the reach of our expert support to even more brokers across the UK.

“The last year has been tough on everyone. I’m proud to say that we have adapted well to the ever changing situation. All staff have been working from home, with the necessary tools to continue to undertake their roles to the highest of standards, to ensure they’re providing the best service possible for our customers.” – Tania Frowen, MD.

The business hasn’t escaped the impact that Covid-19 has had on the industry, however, Source has continued to thrive with the support of the whole company and our brokers. These initiatives will ensure that we continue to be the go-to provider for brokers placing their GI business. 

Making GI easier for everyone

The first step we’ve made towards our overall growth strategy, is to update our website. All completed in-house, our talented teams spent months designing and creating two separate websites, one for our brokers and one for our policyholders, with the core aim of providing the most relevant and important information, in the simplest and most accessible way.

Future plans are already underway, as we are investing in our back-office systems as a key part of our digital transformation journey. The new systems will be more intuitive, automated, and modern which will allow our processes to be more streamlined. The rest of the transformation journey will be focusing on our front of house services, where we will be working on enhancing our existing top-tier platform, to levels that will disrupt the sector. Brokers can expect a quick, easy, and simple interaction with the Source platform, to ensure that they are able to procure the right products for their clients, along with valuable business insights to aid in looking after their customer’s needs for the future. 

“We all know how fast technology moves and Source is investing heavily in itself to ensure that we are not only at the front of that, but that we continue to push those boundaries further. We will be making everything easy, for everyone.” – Manoj Khetia, IT Director

Building upon our values

Based in Cardiff, Wales and having recently moved offices to a larger, more central site, Source has steadily grown in size and has adapted to the ever changing market. The recently restructured board, consisting of Tania Frowen, Managing Director for the last 2 years, Jon Pinkerton, Financial Director, Manoj Khetia, IT Director, Louise Watkins, Operations Director and Steve Jenkins, Commercial Director, have set out this strategy to drive the business growth.

“We will be focusing on our people. All of our staff will have access to development opportunities through our own in-house training and will be encouraged to complete Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) qualifications, to assist in their professional improvement and to better support our customers. We’ll also have a strong focus on wellbeing throughout the company. These factors contribute to a happy and confident team, which in turn, makes for a stronger business.” – Louise Watkins, Operations Director.

We have developed a set of values that truly encompass how we feel, as a business, we should operate. These values align with our commitment to keep our customers at the forefront of all we do and are key character traits we look for within all Source staff.

“Our company values reflect not only our internal culture but how we interact with our clients. We adapted well to the remote working with little disruption but being out of the office for a long time made us realise we had to rethink our company culture. We want to be more transparent in our intentions so our brokers and policyholders understand what we stand for as a business.” Tania Frowen.

Whilst we are planning to make these changes and update our systems and processes, our top priority of supporting our brokers, remains true.

The Source commitment is to continue to think of our brokers first, by providing clear information and straightforward tools to support their business operations, whilst being open, honest and transparent about our procedures.

Source is a General Insurance intermediary business, providing brokers across the UK with an accomplished and intuitive platform to source GI for their clients. Working in the industry for over 25 years, Source has developed a reputation as the go-to GI provider, supporting brokers with expert advice on their sales process and helping them boost their knowledge.

“I’m extremely proud of the team and the business we’ve built. We are committed to continuously improving and adapting, to increase our offering and provide value to our brokers and customers.” – Tania Frowen, MD.