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Collaborating With Our Advisers – Why Working Together is Paramount

Collaborating with our Advisers. Why Working Together is Paramount

Collaborating With Our Advisers – Why Working Together is Paramount

At Source Insurance, we’re in the midst of an exciting new era, unveiling The Source, a fresh online system that brings advisers and their customers closer than ever before. However, this isn’t just an enhanced platform; it’s a symbol of our dedication to working closely with advisers to build relationships through a system that genuinely caters to their needs.

In today’s rapidly evolving insurance landscape, the need for flexibility and adaptability has never been more critical. With the busy lives of advisers and their customers requiring more versatility, this article takes a look at the development of The Source – technology built with advisers for advisers!

The Collaborative Foundations

From day one, we realised that successful innovation required a close and continuous partnership with our advisers. After all, who better understands the needs of advisers and their customers than our advisers themselves? The collaborative beginnings of The Source started with a shared vision for a more efficient, dynamic, and user-friendly insurance process for all involved.

Ultimately, we’ve had to assess what advisers are telling us. Finding out what advisers and their customers need in a GI system was imperative in the development process of The Source. We found that advisers were calling for a quicker, smoother, more versatile experience for all involved. Additionally, with rising premiums affecting the market, customers need quick access to the best insurance policies for their budget, which we have facilitated in this new platform.

Advisers as Co-Creators

Our dedication to adviser involvement isn’t a token gesture; it’s an integral part of our development process that we look to implement with all our new systems. Advisers, with their wealth of industry knowledge and experience, played a crucial role in shaping The Source. Their valuable feedback and insight became the directional guide of our development journey.

However, it’s not just about a single consultation; it’s about applying an enduring, mutual relationship. Advisers have been at the heart of The Source’s development to ensure the best outcome for the needs of the insurance industry as a whole, individual advisers, and their customers.

“Very much quicker…you can see that you’ve thought about the broker as you’ve been going through it and you can tell that you’ve done feedback before.

“The way that it’s pieced together and the small things like dates which are already filled out, how nice is that. Little things like that are nice finesse touches that would be appreciated (by advisers).”

– Amy Wilson, TRM

Implementing Incredible Features

Our system has a host of unique features that have all been specially designed to help you in your business. They all play a part in providing your customers with a straightforward, hassle-free way of finding their ideal home protection. To view these features in their entirety, read our article all around our new features.

Customisation Tools

The Source has been constructed with your needs in mind, boasting many transformable features waiting to be used. With in-depth information available, you can select relevant data and statistics that impact the way you analyse your business to help shape your GI venture.

Take a look at our video tutorial here.

‘Share Quote’ Function

Our unique Share Quote function is ideal to fit around the individual needs and requirements of advisers and their customers. Provide a semi assisted or fully advised experience for your customers.

To view a tutorial on this fresh new feature in-depth, take a look at our YouTube video here.

Premium Predictor

With our Premium Predictor, you can obtain an indicative price from our panel of insurers, giving your clients a rough idea of their potential policy premium using only basic address information.

Premium Saver

It’s back! Use our Premium Saver to impact real-time prices on your client’s quote. You’ll be able to physically see the changes in price as you slide the savings into your client’s plans.

All of these features, and more, have been designed to make the process more streamlined. Here’s what Matt from PRIMIS thought of The Source:

“How quick that was, is incredible.”

– Matt Smith, PRIMIS

Listening, Learning, and Adapting

Our partnership with advisers wasn’t just about gathering feedback – it was about actively listening to our Adviser Insight Forum and what they need.

In the collaborative spirit, we embraced adviser suggestions and concerns. The result was a flexible development process that prioritised their needs. We have learned that the best way to create a system that truly serves advisers is to understand their pain points and adapt accordingly. It’s not a quick project; it’s a journey of constant, consistent improvement.

A Flexible Experience for Brokers and Their Customers

One of the most unique outcomes of this collaboration is The Source’s ability to offer a truly flexible experience. Advisers have the ability to seamlessly refer certain aspects of the home insurance process to their customers, adopting a more interactive and collaborative approach. This, in turn, offers more power for customers and versatility for advisers.

Advisers can tailor their approach based on the unique needs of their customers. Whether it’s collecting essential information, generating quotes, or accessing vital data, The Source simplifies and streamlines the process. This flexibility empowers advisers to focus on what they do best – providing expert advice and guidance – while their customers actively engage in the process.

Here’s what one of our Adviser Insight Forum members had to say:

“I’m impressed because you can run a quick quote and then tailor it. Overall, aesthetically, and user-friendly, I think it’s great.”

Michael Cavin, Fidelius

The Journey So Far

As we prepare to launch The Source, it’s worth reflecting on the journey that brought us to this pivotal moment. The collaboration with our advisers has been paramount to the development of this system. The dedication and hard work of our in-house development team, combined with the priceless insight and contributions of our Adviser Insight Forum, have led to a truly ground-breaking platform.

To learn more about our Adviser Insight Forum, read our article here.

The Source is our latest commitment to ensuring that advisers and customers have the tools they need to excel in this dynamic environment. It’s a symbol of our promise to continue working alongside our advisers, making flexibility and collaboration the cornerstones of our business.

Following the launch of The Source, we invite all our advisers to join us in reaping the benefits of this new platform. Together, we are making a significant impact on the future of home insurance, and together, we will continue evolve and enhance the insurance experience for all. The modern design is crafted to ensure everyone enjoys the full GI experience. Here’s what one of our advisers told us:

“It’s all fresh and it looks clean and easy to see”.

“It’s lovely, it looks really good”.

– Amy Wilson, TRM