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New Features: Elevating Your GI Success with Cutting-Edge System Tools

new features

New Features: Elevating Your GI Success with Cutting-Edge System Tools

Get to know our new features…

When it comes to our new-look system, The Source, we want our advisers to know it’s still us. It’s still the platform you know, love and use when you quote with us, but we’ve added some incredible new functions and features that will enhance the GI experience exponentially. 

We don’t want to take something away from you that you’re so familiar with, so we’ve just given our classic ‘Your Place’ platform a new appearance with some nifty new advancements to help make your job easier. Ultimately, finding the perfect home insurance policy doesn’t need to be a drawn-out task for advisers or their customers.  

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of our unique new features exclusively available in the new look The Source

Customisation Tools 

A good starting point is with the most versatile tool at your disposal: the new system itself!  

The Source has been constructed with your needs in mind, boasting many transformable features waiting to be used. With in-depth information available, you can select relevant data and statistics that impact the way you analyse your business to help shape your GI venture. 

Another customisation feature included, which has come as a direct result of priceless insight from our Adviser Insight Forum, is the ability to change the way you navigate your declarations. Take your client through a full list or customise the process into a step-by-step experience. Whichever works best for you and your customer, you can choose! 

Accompanying all this, and more, is the ability to streamline your provider offerings! Choose between the top 1, 3 or a full page to view from our panel. Select the option that suits your customer and the experience you’d like to provide for them. 

Take a look at our video tutorial here.

‘Share Quote’ Feature 

Our exclusive unique Share Quote function is ideal to fit around the individual needs and requirements of advisers and their customers. Prefer to provide a fully advised experience for your clients? No problem! You can facilitate a ‘standard’ process that provides you both a sense of familiarity with the way our system works. 

Alternatively, you possess the ability to gift greater control to your customers. Should they wish, you can pass them specific sections of the quote process to complete in their own time. This frees you up to focus on other areas of your business whilst easing the stresses of time sensitivity for your customers.  

To view a tutorial on this fresh new feature, take a look at our YouTube video here

Premium Predictor 

Another exclusive feature to The Source. With our Premium Predictor, you can obtain our fastest ever indicative price from our panel of insurers. Find a price for your home insurance within 15 seconds. 

Premium Saver 

Alter the price of quotes in real-time with our sliding commission bar, dubbed The Premium Saver. It does exactly what it says on the tin! Use our slider to view the changes to annual, monthly and commission payments all in one place. Hide or view this section by opening ‘Premium Saver’. 

Our Smaller Features Pack a Mighty Punch 

Small but powerful, our accompanying features help to enhance our system. It’s still us, we’ve just added some extra sweeteners for you to enjoy and experience. Take a look below to find out how they can make your job easier for you. 

Save as Pending Quote  

Flexibility at your fingertips! The Save as Pending Quote function allows you to save a pending quote, so your clients have more time to complete their quote and make their decision. This will ease time restraints, specially designed to help in instances where the exchange or moving date is not yet known. 

To view this feature and see how it’s done firsthand, head to our YouTube channel here and watch for yourself! 

Best Price Finder and Lock-In Feature 

The Best Price Finder allows you to find the most competitive policy pricing using our in-house technology. Find your clients the perfect protection that fits their needs at the best possible price.  

Our Lock-In tool facilitates the safety of the quote price by ensuring the price is held in real time. This helps with giving your customers safe access to the best-priced quote at your disposal that fits their needs. 

Area Performance Tracker  

With our Area Performance Tracker, you can view your performance in comparison to other advisers in your local area. Stay ahead of the competition with our exclusive insight and dominate your local market. 

Vulnerable Flagging System  

Keep your clients’ priorities at the front of your services with our Vulnerable Flagging feature. Identify and mark vulnerable customer profiles, allowing you to tailor their experience to meet their needs.  

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For a full system walkthrough, take a look at our video tutorial here or sign in for yourself.