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Property data in a click

Property data at a click

Property data in a click

Learn more about our latest feature and how it will make getting a quote easier.

We’ve added property data auto-population to our platform so you can spend less time counting out bedrooms and more time getting to know your client.

In a recent survey, many brokers advised that time was a factor for not placing GI – with that in mind, we’ve made some changes to our application journey.

We’ve integrated property data auto-population into our platform to make getting a quote a lot smoother.

Instead of having to fill out the year of build, number of bedrooms and what type of property it is, we’ll do it for you once you’ve entered the address.

Not only does this save you time it will also impress your client.

How often do your clients know their “year of build”? It’s one of those questions many people struggle to answer and very few know where to look to find the information. Now you’ll be able to answer it for them.

How it works

Visit our LearningLab to access the full video and user guide.

We use multiple verified sources, such as Land Registry, OS MasterMap and Zoopla, to determine the most up to date details of the property.

Once you’ve entered your client’s postcode and selected the correct address, the rest of the property data section will be filled out for you – it’s that simple!

While the data is of the highest accuracy, you’ll still have the ability to edit the information, should you need to.

“Speaking with our brokers, they told us that speed was a major factor that was preventing them from doing more GI business. Not only does this update reduce the number of fields you have to complete it also removes complex questions such as the year of build.

This is just the start of many innovations we’ll be adding over the coming months to ensure simplicity in our processes. We want to create the best GI platform and proposition on the market, so together we can find the right cover for your clients. If you’d like to get involved in developing the future of our proposition get in touch with your Regional Sales Manager.”

Lee Denton, Associate Sales Director

If you have feedback on the feature or have questions contact our Broker Support team on 02920 265 265.

For now, why not start a quote and give it go!