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Get set for speed with our latest update

Source speeds up its quote journeys

Get set for speed with our latest update

We’ve put user experience at the heart of our recent update by reengineering our platform, so it still feels familiar, but it’s a lot more efficient under the hood.

So, What’s New?


You’ll find our new quote journeys deliver faster results without compromising on cover, choice, quality or service.

A slicker exterior

Working with one of the UK’s leading design agencies, we’ve remodelled the platform’s bodywork to provide you with an improved user experience every time you quote.

Compare policies details quicker on our refreshed results screen and easily navigate throughout the journey with our new navbar.

Streamlined questions

With data auto-population and a streamlined question set on our side, obtaining a quote is quicker and easier than you may think.

You can now get a standard quote by answering essential property and applicant details. Any extras such as specified items or home emergency cover can be added after you’ve got the premium, so they don’t get in your way. 

In addition, by pulling information from multiple verified sources, such as Land Registry, OS MasterMap and Zoopla, our clever system can populate up to five fields from entering the postcode alone.

Rapid results

One the biggest changes you’ll notice is our new results screen. We’ve made it much easier to tailor quotes to your customers need by allowing you to add and amend the key features of your quote with speed. You can now:

  • Change between buildings or contents only in just one click
  • Add extras such as Home Emergency on the results screen
  • Change voluntary excess amounts
  • Add additional items such as bikes or mobiles phones once you know the base premium

Got something a little unusual?

There’s no difference between a standard or non-standard quote with our platform. So you can easily edit declarations at any time and get a recalculated premium.

Why the update?

“Brokers have told us they would like to do more GI but are finding it hard to fit it into their demanding schedules.

We are excited to be releasing our latest update, which will enable them to produce more quotes without compromising on choice.

With the recent changes to pricing practices, brokers have a real opportunity to showcase the value they can add by offering quality GI products to their clients.” Carl Oakes, Director of Sales

Log in today to see how fast our new quote journey is, or contact us for a demo.