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The evolution of employees

The evolution of employees

The workplace has changed rapidly over the last decade. With the Covid-19 lockdown forcing us to adopt new work practices, many of which would have been deemed impossible a few months ago, we are seeing that these changes are bringing positive results. These new practices have been so successful it will change the future of the workplace, with more employees able to work from home and meetings via video conference becoming an everyday reality.

The ways in which people will work continues to evolve. Observers such as Jacob Morgan are helping to identify what these changes will look like in practice. This is illustrated on the infographic below. 

At Source Insurance we were already on this journey towards a more fluid and flexible world of work. Encouraging colleagues to contribute to the ways we learn, the ways we collaborate and how we measure our success. We want people to be able to work in the ways that suit them best, in the places and at the times when they can be most productive, and which can support their best life.

So have you started to think about what the future of work holds for you?

What makes you most productive?

What things are most important to you?

What do you want to hold on to or move away from as the world opens up again?

At Source – we are here to support our brokers and our colleagues with practical tools, good ideas and genuine personal interest …