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The Importance of an Accurate Quote

The Importance of an Accurate Quote

When searching for the perfect insurance policy with your client, many different things need to be double-checked and triple-checked. But, of course, many things often get overlooked throughout this process, and it can come back to haunt many customers when they need their policy most. Because of this, we can’t overstate enough the significance of an accurate quote.

With the luxury of spare time becoming rarer, this can sometimes lead to inaccurate quotes, which can become invalid. This can lead to a broker’s reputation tarnished and the customer walking away with a negative experience upon the realisation that their claim is void. It’s great to customise an insurance policy to fit a client’s needs, with many different reasons to ensure these policies are personalised to perfection. 


As we touched on very briefly, insurance policies must be valid for the customer to have sufficient cover. As a broker, it’s your job to make sure all the little jigsaw pieces fit into the metaphorical puzzle to ensure your clients have the perfect policy to suit their every need. In addition, you can limit unfavourable situations by providing your client’s insurance policy is correct.

The legality of an insurance policy cannot be overlooked in the event of a claim being made. For example, if a claim is made with an inaccurate quote, insurance companies can refrain from paying out, leaving your customer without the cover they need. This can leave them open to financial troubles from paying the costs themselves.

Mid-Term Adjustments

With the insurance industry constantly evolving, it’s never been easier to adjust insurance policies to suit your customers’ needs. However, nobody knows what may lie around the corner, so it’s good to ensure that insurance policies are up-to-date and accurate as the months go on. 

In addition, making a mid-term adjustment can be ideal for ensuring your customers are prepared for whatever their lives are throwing at them. For example, if someone is gifted an expensive watch for a birthday, it’s good practice to get that watch covered under their policy. 

How to Keep Clients in Control

The best way to ensure you have the correct information is to check with your client thoroughly when choosing an insurance policy before checking in with them to ensure they don’t have any amendments. In addition, you must confirm your clients have read their documents when they take out an insurance policy to analyse all the different features and factors.

After all, your client will know precisely what they need and want to cover. Furthermore, by allowing them to have some control throughout the process, you ensure they’re pleased with the services you provide.

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