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The Source: About Our New System 

The Source - About Our System

The Source: About Our New System 

You may have heard about our new quotation platform by now, where you can enhance the GI experience for yourself and your customers. The home of home insurance, The Source, offers you a thoroughly enhanced policy-finding process that we know you’re just going to love. But what actually is The Source, and what are the benefits for you? Let’s take a look and find out.

What is The Source?

In short, The Source is Source Insurance’s answer to the GI question. How do you offer your customers the whole home insurance experience, providing fair outcomes and a top-quality product for their money? Our new-look system allows you to do just this within the comfort of a familiar platform.

The Source is a freshly designed spin on our classic Your Place system that many advisers have come to know and love. However, we haven’t gotten rid of it completely. All we’ve done is produce the same quality experience with brand-new features and a fresh layout.

It’s still us; we’re just enhancing your home insurance experience and providing more flexibility for you and your clients.

View our new webpage for more information.

Our Incredible Features

Our system boasts unique features, both big and small, that have all been specially designed to help you in your endeavours. They all play a part in providing your customers with a straightforward, hassle-free way of finding their ideal home protection. To view these features in their entirety, take a look at our YouTube channel.

Premium Predictor

With our Premium Predictor, you can obtain an indicative price from our panel of insurers, giving your clients a rough idea of their potential policy premium using only basic address information. 

Customisation Tools

The Source has been constructed with your needs in mind, boasting many transformable features waiting to be used. With in-depth information available, you can select relevant data and statistics that impact the way you analyse your business to help shape your GI venture.

Take a look at our video tutorial here.

‘Share Quote’ Function

Our unique Share Quote function is ideal to fit around the individual needs and requirements of advisers and their customers. Provide a semi-assisted or fully advised experience for your customers.

To view an in-depth tutorial on this fresh new feature, take a look at our YouTube video here.

Premium Saver

It’s back! Use our Premium Saver to impact real-time prices on your client’s quote. You’ll be able to physically see the changes in price as you slide the savings into your client’s plans.

Small Features, Big Impact

They may be smaller, but they’re certainly just as powerful. Our accompanying features help to form the system as a complete package. It’s still us; we’ve just added some extra functions for you to enjoy and experience. Take a look below to find out how they can make your job easier for you.

Save as Pending Quote 

Flexibility at your fingertips! The Save as Pending Quote function allows you to save a pending quote, so your clients have more time to complete their quotes and make their decisions. This will ease time restraints, specially designed to help in instances where the exchange or moving date is not yet known.

To view this feature and see how it’s done first-hand, head to our YouTube channel here and watch for yourself!

Best Price Finder and Lock-In Feature

The Best Price Finder allows you to find the most competitive policy pricing using our in-house technology. Find your clients the optimal insurance that fits their needs at the best possible price for their budget. 

Our Lock-In tool ensures the safety of the quoted price by holding the price in real-time. This helps to give your customers safe access to the best-priced quote at your disposal that fits their needs.

Area Performance Tracker 

With our Area Performance Tracker, you can view your performance in comparison to other advisers in your local area. Stay ahead of the competition with our exclusive insight and dominate your local market.

Vulnerable Flagging System 

Keep your clients’ priorities at the front of your services with our Vulnerable Flagging feature. Identify and mark vulnerable customer profiles, allowing you to tailor their experience to meet their needs. 

How Does The Source Benefit Me?

In short, The Source will have a range of benefits for you to capitalise on in terms of your business. These will have a knock-on effect on your customers as a result. Let’s delve deeper below.

Flexible, Tailored Experiences

With features such as our Share Quote function, you can mould each experience to fit the specific customer. This will ensure each client receives a fair and unique service from you as their adviser that will fit their needs and expectations.

Smooth Business Management

We have a range of stats and data at your disposal so you can manage your business easier than ever. Select what information is needed to help you, then use these figures to help shape the future of your business.

The Best Prices at Your Fingertips

We understand your clients need to find the best policy to fit their needs for the money they’re willing to spend. So that’s why we have the best prices from our panel available to you and your clients.

A Sweet Competition and Prize!

Running between January and March, we will have a proposal for you to take advantage of!

For every completed quote on our new-look system, you’ll gain yourself an entry into our prize draw to win a Michelin-star stay and dinner for two in a region of your choosing. Fancy a trip to beautiful Wales or a staycation in Devon? We’ve got you covered. All you need to do is complete as many quotes as you can for a better chance to win.

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