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Want more GI sales? It’s all about the PITCH

Want more GI sales? It’s all about the PITCH

Insurance is a saturated market. Consumers have many different options available to them. They can go to their bank, to price comparison sites, direct or even to their local supermarket.

Advisers have an advantage over all of these channels though, as they provide the consumer with the advice they crave. Also, as home insurance is an integral part of the home buying process, advisers have the opportunity to make a sale where others don’t.

If you’re often wondering when is the right time to bring it up, what do I say or how do I sell my USPs – we can help.

We all know that a great pitch gets great results, which is why we’ve used our experience to put together a framework that can help you to win more business. The framework consists of 5 simple steps to bulletproof your GI pitch – it’s easy to remember, as it happens to spell out PITCH.

By following these five simple steps you should find… it’s all in the P.I.T.C.H


Paint a picture – whilst we don’t like to think about the worst-case scenario, it can benefit your clients to hear real life examples, to help them see the importance of adequate cover.

Identify their needs – use the mortgage application to get to know your clients, to understand their insurance needs and help identify the right policy for them.

Tailor the quote – no one fits into a cookie cutter, so enable your client to assemble the policy they need, by tailoring their cover using the information you’ve gathered in step 2.

Counter any objections – prepare for the usual objectives brokers face and be ready to answer their points with genuine responses (download our full guide for some examples).

Highlight your USPs – don’t be too humble! Share the positives of your business to show your clients why they should use your service above any other and end with a high.

Add these steps into your sales process and you’ll soon see an increase in your GI conversions.

Download the full eBook here