Our Ice Adventurer – Cath Pendleton

Our one of a kind adventurer from Sennybridge, Brecon Beacons. For the past 40 years she has been in love with swimming, competing in countless competitions and events such as Triathlon. However, in September 2015 she took up something a little cooler…Ice Swimming! Now as you can tell by the name it doesn’t include leisurely going back and fore in a nice toasty pool. This activity defines the term ‘extreme’ sport, you can usually find Cath plunging into near to freezing temperatures of ‘Keepers Pond’  her favourite training destination, located in Blaenavon in Wales.

Cath has completed 7 ice miles and has had medal placings in International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) Poland, IISA GB and IISA Netherlands Championships. But her achievements don’t stop there she is an exceptional role model for women after becoming the First Welsh woman to complete an ice mile, swimming the channel and representing team GB at the IISA World Championships and Arctic Cup in Murmansk, Russia. Cath’s spirit and positive vibes are infectious and we are proud to sponsor her!


Why we are supporting Cath’s Quest

When we decided to support a cause, we wanted to find someone or something that fitted with our values; Cath was the perfect fit.

   Commitment to Excellence

Drive to push herself to the limits and defy stereotypes to reach for audacious goals is something we strive for at Source.


Cath’s approach to her training and working with the tools she has to produce world-leading results is a value all companies are aiming for and we’re no different.


Passion for what we do is why we have achieved the results we have and Cath’s passion for her sport and the charitable causes she raises awareness for speaks for itself. You can’t do what she does without passion.

   Service with Integrity

People are at the centre of everything we do at Source and we take employee welfare and customer service very seriously. The documented benefits of ice swimming on mental health and wellbeing are close to our hearts.  We’re investing in mental health provision for all team members at Source and recognise its importance. The environmental causes such as protecting the oceans, global warming and the war on plastic that is also linked to ice swimming, is another focus for Source.  We want to do our bit and help provide a sustainable environment for future generations.

   Do it all with an underlying sense of fun

Cath is most definitely fun!

Cath’s next BIG adventure



In her biggest challenge yet, Cath will be tackling a very chilly Ice mile in Antarctica this February. Antarctica has an average water temperature of -2 degrees Celcius in comparison to a much warmer 8.5 Degrees Celcius on average in the UK. Her voyage will take her deep into the polar region to complete the swim, where she will be surrounded by some very familiar animals including Orcas, Leopard Seals, and Penguins! When she has completed the swim she will be the first British woman ever to complete an ice mile in Antarctica. Cath will be attempting to also complete the Ice 7s challenge by 2021.


The route Cath will take

Cath will fly to Buenos Aries before getting on a connecting flight to Ushuaia. From here she will board the boat which will be her home for the next 8 days. The boat will depart towards King George and Elephant island. Taking the passage between the island the voyage will see her move on towards Paulet island before taking an intricate course towards Petermann Island. She will then continue down to the Antarctic Circle where the swim will take place. After the ship will continue back to Ushuaia past Lemaire Channel, Port Lockroy and Deception island. The route is pictured above.


What is the Ice Sevens Challenge?

The challenge is relatively self-explanatory, the swimmer must complete an Ice Mile, ratified by IISA in each of the seven continents on earth. The only other criteria is one of the solo swims must be sub-zero. She will have to complete the following seven challenges:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Polar – below 60º south latitude or above 70º north latitude
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceana

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