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House Prices Fall at Quickest Rate in Almost 14 Years

There is an undisputed degree of uncertainty in the housing market, with landlords continuing to sell properties as the government launches schemes in an effort to persuade first-time buyers to take their first steps on the property ladder to balance out the current climate.

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The rise of Gen Z in the property market

Preparing for the Rise of Gen Z in the Property Market

The world as we know it has transformed into an age of technology and digital advancements, with younger age groups at the heart of this dynamic shift. As a result, the financial services industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, significantly driven by the influence of the tech-savvy generations, such as Gen Z. Evolve ahead of the curve, so you’re one step ahead of the competition, ready to meet your clients’ needs.

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A Matter of Trust

The forthcoming Consumer Duty has received a lot of media coverage. Whilst much of this has been high-level, there is a key area in FG 22/5 that is yet to receive a spotlight in the wider press. However, it epitomises one of the key concepts behind the Consumer Duty – trust.

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First Time Buyers and the Current Market

First-Time Buyers’ Stance Amid Fluctuating Housing Market

In Britain, first-time buyers of property are making waves with a record-breaking figure so far for 2023. Hamptons are reporting that first-time buyers make up 27.1% of the buyers’ market at the time of writing. This trend features a gradual rise from 21.6% to the current figure since 2018.

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Social Media: A Broker's Secret Weapon

Social Media – Your Secret Weapon

Having a digital portfolio of your industry presence and reputation is crucial as a growing number of people find themselves leaving an expanding digital footprint via platforms like social media.

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