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The Source - About Our System

The Source: About Our New System 

Our system boasts unique features, both big and small, that have all been specially designed to help you in your endeavours. They all play a part in providing your customers with a straightforward, hassle-free way of finding their ideal home protection.

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Insurer Hosted Pricing

Insurer-Hosted Pricing is welcomed to Source’s Home Insurance Panel

Source has strengthened its relationship with LV= Broker, revealing the insurer as the second underwriter of Source’s Common Policy Wording – Source Home.

Source Home is the first home insurance product created by the team at Source Insurance and signifies the beginning of their highly anticipated product and risk expansion.

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Trust in an Evolving Landscape

Trust in an Evolving Landscape: Adapting to Change Over 30 Years

Brokers have been caught up in the slipstream of a shift in sentiment prompted by financial scandals that have primarily not been caused by them. We also appear to see a change towards more direct human contact. After years of grappling with phone menus and online journeys littered with pop-ups and adverts, people want to be able to talk to another human being again.

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How our heritage shapes our future

How Our Heritage Shapes Our Future

We all like to reminisce. Getting caught looking back is easy, but using these experiences to pave the road ahead is more challenging. As a company of 30 years, we’ve had much to talk about and much to assess over our existence, giving us many tools to work with when planning our future.

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Our latest CPD modules and articles

Earn CPD minutes easier than ever before!
Dave Rees

Earn CPD Minutes Easier Than Ever Before!

LearningLab, Source’s centre of all things educational, has accumulated thousands of module completions since inception, proving advisers see LearningLab as a consistent, reliable source of CPD education.

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