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Cross-selling Skills

May 17th - 21st: Learning at Work Week: Build a Growth Mindset

Cross-selling Skills

Tuesday 18th May 1.30pm | Thursday 20th May 1.30pm | Friday 21st May 1.30pm

How do you boost your income?

If you already sell mortgages or provide advice on investments, you may be making a decent living with that.

However, have you considered the add-ons that most homeowners require, such as home and contents insurance?

If you’re not used to selling General Insurance (GI) it can seem like an unnecessary aspect to add to your usual sales process, but Source is here to help you make it a seamless part of your day-to-day business.

Whatever products you’re looking to up-sell to your customers, once you’re comfortable with the information you need to provide and you’ve honed your sales pitch, you can actively listen to your customer’s requirements and positively respond to instil confidence that this is what they need.

From communication skills to tools that challenge your customer’s assumptions, Source has created this ‘Lunch and Learn’ session to help you develop your cross-selling skills.

Workshop content

Exploring different influencing and assertiveness techniques to boost your confidence when having cross-selling conversations with your clients.

  • Setting your clients expectations using the ‘pitch of pain’
  • Using effective questions and actively listening to build empathy and trust with your client
    • Mirroring & matching your client’s tone and language
  • Methods to help you remain assertive and confident
    • The ‘connection makers’ & Transactional Analysis
  • Overcoming objections
    • Exploring different influencing strategies to help you get your message across
    • Tools to help challenge a client’s assumptions
    • Tips on how to respond positively
  • Understanding your ‘Inner Script’ and its effect on your confidence

Learning at Work Week

Source has created a range of ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions, designed to help you hone your communication and interpersonal skills, to get the most out of your sales process.

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