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Networking Skills

May 17th - 21st: Learning at Work Week: Build a Growth Mindset

Networking Skills

Thursday 20th May 12.00pm

Who do you need to know?

Whether you work independently or as part of a network, it’s important to have professional support around you. Whether that be through your peers or a mentor. Just a few examples of how beneficial networking can be are:

  • Share ideas and gain inspiration
  • Receive practical advice from lived experiences
  • Be the first to hear insider insights to obtain a competitive advantage

In particular, if you’re introverted, it can be difficult to take the leap and reach out to others or attend a networking event. However, the benefits that you can gain by taking yourself out of your comfort zone are incredible. So why are you holding yourself back?

We have developed a free ‘Lunch and Learn’ session to help you create and hone your networking strategy. This bite size session, taking place on Thursday 20th May at 12.00pm, will include tips on how to make use of social media and virtual tools (especially useful whilst we can’t meet face-to-face) to expand your professional network.

Webinar content

Best practice tips on how to grow your professional associations through a personal networking strategy.

  • Techniques and skills that are key to successful networking
  • How to network when you are shy or an introvert
  • Online networks – using social media and LinkedIn to expand your network
  • Virtual networking in the time of COVID
  • Ensuring that your network works for you
  • What to look for in a mentor

Learning at Work Week

Source has created a range of ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions, designed to help you hone your communication and interpersonal skills, to get the most out of your sales process.

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Webinar: Networking Skills

Who do you need to know?

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