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Personal Resilience

May 17th - 21st: Learning at Work Week: Build a Growth Mindset

Personal Resilience

Wednesday 19th May 12.00pm

How do you positively embrace change?

2020 was an unforgettable year (although many of us would like to imagine it never happened!).

From floods and forest fires, to Brexit and a Global Pandemic, the world has been through a lot. Of course, many other factors could have changed in our personal lives too. Moving house, losing a job or starting a new role, births, deaths, relationships… the list of factors that could cause us to react in unexpected ways, is endless.

It can be difficult to manoeuvre the changing times and we could easily be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed!

The Source LearningLab has developed a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session all about building personal resilience and learning how to positively embrace change. During this session, we’ll cover strategies that help us understand why change makes us feel or react in certain ways and we will provide tools on how to manage our responses.

Webinar content

Identifying strategies to help you become more resilient and be better equipped to adapt to change.

  • Understanding the human/emotional response to change
    • Change Curve & Transition models
  • Tools to support you in dealing with change – the ‘quadrants of change’
  • Defining resilience
    • 3 Cs – Challenge, Commitment and Control
    • 3 Ps – Permanence, Pervasiveness and Personalisation
  • 10 point plan to build your resilience

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