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Objective Setting

May 17th - 21st: Learning at Work Week: Build a Growth Mindset

Objective Setting

Monday 17th May 12.00pm

How can you achieve your goals?

Where do you see yourself in 2022? We all have goals or dreams we’d like to achieve one day. This is true in both our personal lives and in business. Whether it be about travelling the globe, owning your ideal home or securing your dream job. But, how do you get there?

It isn’t enough to just want something, you need to develop a plan of how and when you will complete each phase of your goal. Setting effective objectives can give you the drive and the confidence to achieve your goals.

In this free ‘Lunch and Learn’ session, we will provide valuable insight on how to effectively set objectives and goals, including tips such as using the SMART tool.

Workshop content

Providing tools and frameworks to help you shape your business goals and objectives so that you can build foundations for professional success.

  • The importance of setting yourself audacious goals
  • The difference between goals and objectives
  • The purpose and benefit of setting objectives
    • How objectives can be linked (and cascaded) into your goals
  • Introduction to Locke’s Theory of Goal Setting
    • Elements to consider to ensure you successfully achieve your goals/objectives
    • Overview of SMART objectives
  • Examining the different aspects of SMART
  • How to craft SMART objectives
  • The importance of reviewing progress against your goals and objectives

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